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Place Google Adsense ads within topics. Place ads first, middle and end of topics
Want to know the best places to put Google Adsense ads on the blog?
What are the best ads that should be added to your blog to increase your profits from Google Adsense?
How many ads should be added to the blog?
Answer these questions, we will get to know them in today's topic. Where we will complete together the rest of the blogger blog creation cycle.
In this topic, we will learn about the correct way to place Google Adsense ads in the blog, while identifying the best ads that can be used to ensure the highest financial return on profits, with the lowest number of advertising units and also daily visits.
In the beginning, the way to add ads to the main page of the blog.
You should always and never make sure to add the automatic ads code to your blog, as it is the best ever and it helps you choose the best places for ads and also the best sizes based on the audience of the blog and also based on the type of device that the visitor uses, whether computer, mobile or tablet.
Add automatic ads to the blog.
This is done through.
1_ Log in to your Google AdSense account
2_ click on ads
3_ Choose automatic ads, start activating the ad code, and define all ads
4_ Copy the code for the automatic ads code
5_ Enter the blog template and add the code under the head tag and save the template
Add display ads to the blog.
Also, fixed-size display ads help you in a very big way to increase your profits, as you determine the places that appear to be large for the visitor and put the appropriate advertisement and the appropriate size to attract the attention of the visitor
First, add an announcement side logo.
The first thing that appears to a visitor to the blog is the upper part of the blog, which is the logo. Therefore, an ad must be placed next to the logo, preferably the size of this ad is 720 width 90 height
Also place an advertisement on the side menu of the blog and the ideal size is 300 width 600 height
Taking into account the addition of advertising code responsive to the end of articles and after page numbering

How to place ads within topics
How to place ads at the beginning of articles
How to place ads in the center of topics
How to put ads at the end of articles
In fact, this topic may be somewhat difficult because we will be modifying some of the template codes, which is why I prefer the explanation in the video.
Therefore, you can follow the next video to learn the method with full details ...

The file and the program used in the explanation can be downloaded from the following link
click here to download .
Note: Please keep a backup copy of the blog template before you start adding ads within topics.
So you can return the template to its normal state in case you missed the implementation of the explanation.
With this, we will have finished explaining today, and we got to know everything related to the way Google Adsense ads are placed in the blog and the profit method from Google Adsense ads
The best ads and places to add ads
In conclusion, I wish everyone success and see you soon .