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Shocking news Google Adsense suspended in Egypt and most Arab countries And some solutions to the problem
welcome everybody .
Today we will talk about a very important topic, as it relates to Google AdSense accounts.
Specifically, activating a Google Adsense account, a few days ago, a problem appeared facing most Google Adsense users who were trying to activate their accounts using the ID card.
This is what we will get to know today.
First, as we know that profit from Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet at all, and it is also one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, especially for beginners.
As the profit from Adsense is completely free and also does not require much, neither effort nor experience.
We also know that in order to obtain profits from Google Adsense, the ownership of the account must be verified, and the address of sending the payments must be verified.
There are two ways to verify the address in Google Adsense,
The first way is to activate Google Adsense through a code.
It is a letter or an answer that is sent through the post offices to the address registered in Adsense, and this letter contains your secret number, through which the account can be activated and receive profits.
The following topic can be followed for more details.
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Unfortunately, however, this letter, due to the poor postal service in most Arab countries, does not reach the user. That’s why Adsense provided another solution.
The second way is to activate Google Adsense with an ID card.
After requesting the code 3 times, and in case of no access, Google Adsense allows you to an alternative method through which the account can be activated, which is by sending a copy of the proof of identity either through
ID card
Driving license
Bank account statement
Or any official document recognized by the state in which it is located and showing the residence address.
Follow this topic.
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This method was the most and easiest for most users, but unfortunately a few days ago, there was news about deactivating Google Adsense with an identity card or identity document.
Unfortunately, this news shocked everyone.
Where the majority will find themselves at a loss, ads will be suspended and profits lost
Through the following video, we will try to learn more about the problem and some solutions that help activate Adsense.

As I mentioned in the video, it is not confirmed by Google Adsense, but it is only expectations and personal experiences from some.
That is why we will know the truth and the sure news in the next few days
Therefore, if you are interested in the matter, do not forget to follow the topic first, Powell, by subscribing to the channel on YouTube.
A link to the page for activating a Google account.
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