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The minimum withdrawal limit for Adsense
Hello everyone, if you have a Google AdSense account, I advise you to follow this topic
Today we will learn about one of the great features that Google Adsense offers us, which unfortunately not many Google Adsense users know.
 Where we will learn about the method of raising the minimum payment in Google Adsense, and also we will learn about the method of changing or scheduling the date of receiving profits from Google Adsense.
Many of us know that I’m Adsense, which sends profits to those who deserve them, just to reach the minimum payment of $ 100. Payment is also made on the monthly due date, which is the 21st of each month.
 But some may ask
Is it possible to raise the minimum payment in the Google Adsense account?
 So that I can withdraw a large amount in one payment instead of receiving the profits in separate payments and also small amounts.
  The answer: Yes, you can log in to your Google Adsense account and raise the minimum payment to the amount you want.
 Note: You should know that you can raise the minimum to more than $ 100, and you cannot lower the minimum of at least $ 100.
And the second question.
 Is it possible to change the date of payment and receive profits on a particular day?
 The answer: Yes also, you can change the date of receiving the profits from Google Adsense and determine the day and the date that suits you. As we know that there is a specific date, Adsense will send the profits to those who are entitled to it on this day, and often it will be on the 21st of each month.
 But there are also a lot of users who may face a problem in receiving profits during this period for any reason.
 For example, to be outside the country and as we know, Google Adsense profits cannot be received from a country other than the country registered in the account.
 Here, the user can simply enter an account, change the date of receiving earnings from Google Adsense, and make a payment scheduling, where he chooses the day and the appropriate time for him and so that he can receive the profits easily.
 In the next video, we will learn about the full and detailed explanation as to how to change the date of receiving Adsense earnings
 Also, the way to raise the minimum payment receipt from Google Six.

Finally, as we saw in the video, the method was very simple and also will benefit many Google Adsense users. And as you use an AdSense account, you may need this method in the future for any reason.
 By this, we have finished the explanation today, which I hope will have won your satisfaction. In the event that I have any of you, a question, an inquiry or a comment on the subject
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 Thanks to everyone and to see you on other topics coming