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How to verify ownership of the blog in the webmaster tools ping And how to show the blog in search engines
Welcome, dear followers, as today we will complete the rest of the special episodes
A blog building course for Balohar for beginners
Today, we will learn how to add the blog to the webmaster tools ping site.
And expanding the blog’s reach to reach the largest possible number of users and obtain more visits and views.
It is worth noting that the Ping search engine is one of the most famous search engines ever. Where is the company search engine
It is the second most popular search engine after Google.
The number of searches on the site is about 6 billion searches per month.
And this large number of visits should be well thought out about how to use and we should have a good appearance on this engine.
As we mentioned since Microsoft is the official engine, there is no doubt that there are many users who trust and use it as a basic search engine.
How to verify blog ownership in Webmaster Tools And how to show the blog in search engines
How to subscribe to the Bing search engine.
1_ We log into the webmaster tools site ping.
2_ Choose the appropriate method of entry (through a Microsoft account _ Google Account _ Facebook account)
3_ Will be asked to enter the blog link that we want to prove ownership
4_ Enter the required data and add a Sitemap code
5_ Add the verification code to the blog template in the specified location.
With this, we will have completed the verification of ownership and the blog has been present in the search engine Bing, and within a few days we will find that the blog is beginning to appear well on the search engine.

Search Engine Sitemap Code Ping
  This is all for today’s episode, which I hope I have succeeded in explaining.
Finally, if there is any inquiry, it can be written through the comments
Thanks to all .