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Adsense with a personal card, how to activate and confirm the Adsense account without receiving the code, solve the problem of not accessing the code between the account in Google Adsense and the way to activate all Arab Adsense accounts using the personal identification card, how to activate the Adsense account fully activate and receive the cash in cash from inside Egypt and all Arab countries.
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Today, to complete the set of topics for creating an Adsense account, we offer a way to activate the Adsense account using a personal or identity card, as many who own an Adsense account, whether a regular or hosted account, face many problems in activating the account, especially in receiving the coffee code, and this problem is widespread Very large in most Arab countries and this is because of the bad postal service, and also there are some countries where the arrival of the pin code is very difficult for some other considerations, and therefore today we will learn about an easy and simple way through which the account can be activated without the need for a pin code,
The method is completely safe and secure and there is no harm or risk to your Adsense account. We have, through the previous explanations, we have seen the method of requesting the pin code in order to activate the account, but once we request the code three times, we will find a new option that begins to appear in the account, which We can activate the account using the ID card, but we must wait for at least 15 days of another request between the pin code, after this period has passed, we can now activate the account with ease.
How to activate an Airsoft account using a personal identification card?
Upon entering your Adsense account, you will find the red balloon logo at the top of the main page of the account. Through this notification, we will find an option in the name of the procedure that requires you to take action to activate the account. code,
Now we will start to activate the account using a personal card or passport or even using a bank account statement or any official document,
Follow this video in more detail. With my best wishes for success to everyone.